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Lymington Sea Water Baths FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to be able to swim
A: Yes, you should be able to swim at least 50m with a buoyancy aid on.

Q: I’m a good swimmer, do I have to wear a buoyancy aid
A: Yes, all users of the inflatables and paddleboards MUST wear a buoyancy aid regardless of swimming ability. For swimming sessions buoyancy aids are not compulsory. However, anyone less than 1.5m in height and/or a weak swimmer is strongly encouraged to wear a buoyancy aid. Lifeguards have the final say on use of a buoyancy aid. If instructed to wear one, this is then compulsory.

Q: Are Buoyancy aids provided
A: Yes, we provide buoyancy aids for anyone who needs/wants to wear one. You are welcome to bring your own if you’d prefer. These will be checked for suitability on arrival and lifeguards may insist you use our buoyancy aids. Armbands or rubber rings are not suitable alternatives.

Q: Can I wear shoes on the inflatables
A: We do advise wearing wetsuit boots/socks or non-slip socks. No trainers or hard soled shoes are allowed. Otherwise, barefoot is allowed.

Q: What temperature is the water
A: This is an unheated pool, so water temperature fluctuates throughout the season. It typically ranges between 16-25oC.

Q: Do we use chlorine
A: Although this is a seawater pool, we do treat the water with chlorine to ensure it is safe to swim in.

Q: What is the pool bottom made of
A: Shingle, so wetsuit shoes or socks are recommended.

Q: How deep is the pool
A: It varies between 0.8 -1.8m.

Q: Do I need a wetsuit
A: Wetsuits are optional. However, people often find their session more comfortable and enjoyable with a wetsuit. You may bring your own, or we have wetsuits available to hire for £5 per person on arrival. Sizes available range from 5 years – Adults XXXL.

Q: What clothing can I wear in the pool
A: The only clothing you are allowed to wear is tight clothing, specifically designed for swimming activities. Unfortunately, we cannot accept anybody wearing loose clothing.

Q: Can I wear jewellery
A: No, all jewellery must be removed. If you have recently had any piercings, we can provide tape to cover them.

Q: Can I wear swimming goggles
A: Yes

Q: Can I wear spectacles/glasses on the inflatables?
A: It is STRONGLY advised not to wear your spectacles on the inflatables, prescription goggles are a good alternative. IF you have plastic lenses and frames, you may wear your glasses, this is done entirely at your own risk, as there is a high chance of losing or damaging them. IF you have metal frames and/or glass lenses you WILL NOT be allowed to wear them on the inflatables.

Q: Can I use diving masks/snorkels/fins?
A: No

Q: Can I use a waterproof camera in the water?
A: Yes, although they must be on a chest harness. We cannot be held responsible for any lost devices.

Q: Is photography allowed on site
A: Only if permission is requested from the lifeguard team on arrival.

Q: How physically fit do I need to be to use the inflatables
A: Not very. However, it is a big pool, with lots of swimming and pulling yourself up and over inflatables so it can be tiring.

Q: Do adults have to go on the inflatables with children
A: Any child under 8 requires direct supervision on the inflatables at a maximum 1 Adult : 3 Children ratio. The supervising adult will require their own ticket for the session. Any children under 12 must be supervised on site by at least one parent or responsible adult. You do not have to supervise them directly in the water although this would be recommended if they are weaker swimmers.

Q: Can adults use the inflatables?
A: Yes! It’s great fun for all ages!

Q: Is there anywhere to buy food and drinks
A: Yes, we serve food and drink at the kiosk on site.

Q: Is there any seating around poolside
A: There are chairs and tables set up around poolside. There is cover provided by marques for many of these.

Q: How long can I stay on site after my session has finished
A: As we have limited space, we kindly ask that you aim to leave the site within 15 minutes of your session ending unless you are ordering food from the kiosk. This is to allow people booked into the next session space to enjoy the site as much as you have.

Q: How long before my session should I arrive
A: You will be allowed to enter the site from 15 minutes before your session start time. We advise arriving at least 10 minutes before your session start time. This allows time to check in, change, hire wetsuits and receive a safety briefing from lifeguards.

Q: What if I’m late for my session
A: Unfortunately, we cannot offer time extensions for any reason. If you miss part or all of your session, we will not offer a refund. At our discretion we may be able to accommodate you in a later session, but we have strict capacity limits, so this is not guaranteed.

Q: Will my session run if it’s raining
A: Yes

Q: What if there’s a storm
A: If we must cancel sessions due to extreme weather, we will notify you as soon as possible. You will be offered a full refund or to rearrange your session. If your session is interrupted by a passing thunderstorm, we will pause your session and restart when safe. This may mean later sessions are delayed.

Q: Are there changing rooms
A: Yes, we have basic changing and shower facilities on site.

Q: Where can I leave belongings and valuables
A: We have covered seating and table areas where belongings are left. There are no lockers on site so please leave valuables at home where possible.

Q: Is there parking
A: We do not have our own car park. There is a large council run car park located 30 seconds walk away. This is pay and display.

Q: Is there anywhere to store my bike?
We have a small amount of bike rack space. We cannot be held responsibility for any bikes damaged or stolen when using this facility.

Q: Can I get a refund on my booked ticket
A: All tickets are non-refundable.

Q: What if my session is cancelled
A: In the unlikely event we need to cancel your session we will give you as much notice as possible. You will be offered the option to reschedule your session, or a full refund.

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